Tapasya Hot Yoga is located on Levering Street, directly off Main Street in Manayunk. We are housed on the first floor of the former Propper Brothers Furniture Building. Students may park for free on the streets near the studio, or choose to park in the lot located exactly next to the studio. The parking lot carries a small fee of $2.50 per hour. However, the parking lot is free on weekday early mornings, so feel free to park there during our 6am classes. We are conveniently located on the same block as the SEPTA Regional Rail Manayunk stop.

Entrance to the studio is through double wooden doors on Levering Street, and Tthe studio doors are usually open for about 30 minutes before and after each scheduled class, and remains open for 30 minutes after the class. Please be aware that if you are running late, the doors will probably be locked on arrival. If you are running late and would like to come in for class, We ask that you call the front desk at 215-290-1959 before you arrive and talk to the teacher at the desk.


Tapasya Hot Yoga makes its home in the spacious historical Propper Brothers Furniture Building. We kept much of the old building’s original charm in the refinished hardwood floors, as well as the fixtures and trim from the old furniture store. As you walk through the studio you will certainly notice these vintage accents

The studio includes a lobby space, men’s and women’s changing rooms, the yoga room, and a laundry/storage area. Mat rentals, towel rentals and bottled water are available for the under equipped

Men’s and women’s changing areas are comfortable, including showers, cubbies and restrooms. Mat storage is available in the laundry area for members and year long students. Mat rentals, towel rentals and bottled water are available for the under equipped. When in the studio, and especially in the yoga room, all students should honor and practice karma yoga. Karma yoga is a practice that centers us in the present by being conscious and responsible in our actions. Through the applied practice of karma yoga we maintain a meditative atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

The yoga room is the heart of the studio. It is a heated and spacious room dedicated wholly to the teaching and practicing of yoga. Our yoga room can comfortably accommodate thirty or more students in a class. We do expect that all students enter and treat the space with respect. Students should always maintain a quiet atmosphere in the yoga room, and practice karma yoga when in this space by keeping their immediate and individual spaces clean, tidy, and welcoming. Sometimes, during the practice of yoga, students may stain the mirrors with hard markings or sweat, when this happens the studio will provide glass cleaner and a towel to clean up.


Our reliably strong heating system, in the yoga room, is comprised of two gas heaters, two commercial steam units, one set of ceiling-mounted far infrared heating panels, and a high efficiency Energy Recovery Ventilation As well as newly installed sauna rock units, which sizzle and steam up the room to create a comfortable heat and humidity for your healthy sweat. Expect temperatures of 107-110 degrees in a typical class. Come hydrated and be prepared to sweat.

New Students Welcome:

Sign Up and join us for your first 30 days for $39.

We ask that new students arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of class to complete a New Student Registration. This will ensure that new students have time to ask any questions, find their spaces in the studio and hot room, and make themselves comfortable before the start of class.