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Membership options

30 Day Trial Membership — Unlimited Classes
For new students on their first or second visit to the studio only: $39

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Simple Membership
3+ Month Membership — 15 Day Cancellation Required — $99/month

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One Year Pass: 365 Day Pass  — $1195


Student Semester: 100 Day Pass  — $299
Only for current students with valid Student ID

Class Cards

5 Classes: $85

Expires after 2 months

10 Classes: $150

Expires after 3 months

20 Classes: $260

Expires after 5 months

Under 16, Single class: $10

Special Offers

Note: Students with ID are eligible for a 15% discount on all class cards.

Purchasing your first class card? Ask for the discount: 20% off your first class card if you buy within 30 days of your first visit.

Private Lessons and Group Classes

Private and group classes are available by appointment. New students can benefit from individualized instruction and a strong foundation. Athletes can receive specialized attention and training in a broad array of techniques. Props training is available, as well as instruction in pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation techniques.

1 Hour Private: $65

90 Minute Private: $90

Group Classes from $125

Email: to arrange an appointment.