Hot Yoga

Join us for our unique offering of hot yoga classes. The different class formats give you a chance to experience the depth and different dimensions of yoga practice, from loosening, stretching and purifying the body, strengthening and toning the musculature, and developing meditation, mindfulness and self discipline.

This class is great for working through the poses, stretching and exploring in a shorter time frame. The poses are the same in sequence and presentation as the 90 minute Core26 class, but there is more time for adjustment and correction in each pose. It is great for beginners, as well as seasoned practitioners looking for a quick workout. Length: 60 minutes.

The foundation series for Tapasya Hot Yoga. It is suitable for all hydrated practitioners, all levels and abilities are welcome. This is a whole body workout, to stretch, bend, twist, and grow. The first portion of the class consists of standing postures to warm and stretch out the body, followed by a series of floor postures to stretch the body and nerves, and massage the deeper organs. Length: 90 minutes.

The techniques in Mountain26 originate in Northern India and the monastic culture of the Himalayas. The class encourages a meditative atmosphere that allows students to experience the subtleties of practice. Yoga postures are used in this class in their original purposes of developing deeper internal awareness, encouraging freedom of energies, and creating a connection between the extraverted and introverted selves.

Special techniques include 5 Tibetan Rites, Kundalini Sun Salutations, chakra awareness and guided deep relaxation.

Warrior26 class will takes the Core26 practices to a new dimension. Following a similar flow and structure to that of the Core26, this class brings in techniques from Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa yoga. The techniques delivers a compelling and challenging mix of techniques that will fit comfortably onto your regular Core26 class. A new depth of practice is brought in with Sun Salutations A and B. The class also develops the practical concepts of drishti, or observation point, and ujjayi pranayama, the psychic breathing technique.

This class involves deep stretches for the connective tissues with awareness of meridians and energy systems. The heat is high and the practices are carefully sequenced to allow for deep level transformation. Teacher often demonstrates practices from a mat while leading the class.

Length: 90 minutes.

This class is a longer form variation of the Open Level Yoga class. Deep stretches, joint work, long holds and timed releases. Sequencing builds practices one step at a time and leaves space for exploration and personalization.

Length: 2 hours.

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