Oct 2016

Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and the Yogic Path of Meditation

When discussing Yoga Nidra, it’s best to have an understanding of the broader spectrum of yoga techniques, or elements on the integral path of yoga. Hatha Yoga has evolved over the ages in relationship with other branches of yoga, such as Raja Yoga (the eight limbed yoga of self mastery), Jnana Yoga (the wisdom yoga of self-knowledge), and Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of selfless devotion). Among these yogas,...

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So .. what IS Core26?


Mar 2016

So .. what IS Core26?

As many may know, Tapasya was originally a Bikram yoga studio. Often people come to the studio and ask, “So it’s basically like Bikram?” And in fact the answer is a little bit more complicated than that. For everybody who is interested in how and why we practice the way that we do at our studio, for anybody who wants to know how we got...

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Dec 2015

Atlantic Solstice for Winter: Yoga – Swim – Yoga

December 22nd – take the morning off! We of Tapasya are cruising out to the ocean for a winter solstice experience. Cold crisp water and hot steaming yoga all wrapped up in one auspicious morning. On the beach, a special yoga practice (15 min) will warm our hearts for the surf and the dawning winter, and there will be a time after swimming to write...

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Oct 2015

Actually Serious About Cold Showers BTW

There are many definitions of tapasya, which is a classical Sanskrit term that comes up often in yoga and yogic discourse. One good definition is toleration. Toleration of what? Toleration of life’s ups and downs: pleasure vs. pain, success vs. failure, heat vs. cold. When you practice Tapasya, it means you condition yourself to keep an even mind while passing through the ups and downs and changes in life,...

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Sep 2015

Tapasya Mission for 2015

Dear Yoga Students, Things have been changing at Tapasya Yoga. We are moving the classic Bikram Yoga practice in a new direction, and change can be hard. Repetition and regularity are keystones of yogic practice. We know how helpful it is to get in your flow and dial into the routine. It is one of the elements of a Bikram practice that sets it apart...

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