Perks of Practice: 

Hot Yoga and Physical Well-Being

Our approach to hot yoga is holistic. We practice in a heated environment to make our bodies supple. The heat is a tool we use to stretch and relax our muscles, which allows us to go deeper letting go of old tensions without upsetting our stress reflexes. Our nerves receive tender attentions as we stretch and tone with each posture, and our organs and glands get massaged, stimulated and refreshed. Even the joints in our bodies get lubricated as our cardiovascular system receives a healthy workout. Our bodies and blood take in more oxygen that is fed to our tissues, venous and lymphatic systems and circulated back to our heart and lungs. Some studies show that the muscles burn fat at an accelerated rate. This usually happens about one week after beginning a regular yoga practice of four or more classes per week. With regular practice, and with proper instruction, your hot yoga asana practice brings you steadily into a pristine state of physical health.

Hot Yoga and Mental Benefits:

Our heated practice brings mental tapasya. As we use the heat to remove physical impurities any mental impurities rise to the surface waiting to be sweated away. Our teachers encourage students to cultivate mindfulness and an open, understanding attitude throughout their practice. The heat coupled with postures work to bring the students into heightened states of self-awareness.  The stress of daily living, embedded fears and insecurities, as well as disruptive thought patterns rise to the surface neutralized as students develop equanimity, concentration, and will power through their practices. Many of us find this to be the most important and profound aspect of practicing. Tapasya yoga brings about calmness and focus as we really learn “not to sweat the small stuff” and be fully present in every situation.